About me

My name is Rasmus Lindbacke – I am the Head of Search at Saxo Bank. This is a page about me!

Rasmus Lindbacke

Professional History

For me, as for most SEO professionals, the road to SEO was a crooked one.

I always had an interest in technology and the internet, and I still remember exploring the www on a 56k dial-up connection on my father’s computer in Stockholm. In the late 90s, my dad was provided with a dual ISDN connection through work – giving me the possibility of surfing the web at a whopping 128 kbit/s (on a good day…)

I used to build my own websites in notepad which I hosted for free on Angelfire – which I, while writing this, discovered still exists! They were mostly about random stuff, just like this website, but I was very proud of my score on one of the hardest levels of Elasto Mania, I had a page about that.

I studied programming and web design in high school – in my spare time I was playing with the FTP connection of my XBOX and later on my XBOX360. However, after graduating from high school, I drifted away from my tech interest and started traveling instead.

My new interest in travel led me to eventually working as a tour guide for three years. I spent three years guiding tourists in Egypt, Turkey, Italy and Mexico. I’ve visited the great pyramids of Giza almost 50 times, and Chichen Itza more than 20.

Eventually I settled down in Copenhagen where I studied International Sales and Marketing at the Copenhagen Business Academy. Along with my studies, I worked as an assistance coordinator at SOS International, helping Scandinavian travelers who were visiting places where I had previously lived.

The last semester of my studies was a six months long internship – I was lucky enough to score an internship at GroupM Denmark, in Quisma – a part of GroupM which doesn’t exist anymore, before I left GroupM we were called GroupM Nexus. This is where my SEO journey started, and I started being able to combine my marketing knowledge from school, my tech knowledge from my childhood and my sales and service experience from being a guide, all in one job.

Since then, I have worked with Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and international clients such as SAS, L’Oréal, Novo Nordisk, Ford, Santander Consumer Bank and Unilever. I was leading a team of 15+ SEO specialists and content specialists – together we figured out how to gain the most possible organic visibility for our clients!

At the moment I’m leading an inhouse search team at Saxo Bank, focusing on both paid and organic search. I am still able to be an SEO nerd, and everyday I am learning a lot about the world of finance and investing.

Other things about me

I live in Copenhagen together with my girlfriend, in my spare time nowadays I enjoy PS5 games with a focus on team work as well as camping from time to time. I’ve got my nerdy tech interests covered at work, so when it comes to learning new skills when I’m off, I’m currently focusing on improving my French.

I am also the creator of the SEO game SEO Pirates – a challenge which has made a lot of SEOs pull their hair out since 2019!

My social media accounts

You are always welcome to get in touch – you can reach me on: